What Is A Super Affiliate?

If you are looking to get more profit out of our Affiliate Program, you are on the right page. Super Affiliate is the ultimate of all affiliates and lets you make most money. If you get foundation work right, the money will come rolling in without you having to flex a muscle.

Examples of Super Affiliate Websites

The Super Affiliate Program allows users (known as the Super Affiliate) to open their own website, which is a clone of SuperAffiliates.net and all the product designs you see on SuperAffiliates.net will be duplicated to the new website. The Super Affiliate then invites people to post product links of his/her website on social media, messaging services (e.g. Whatsapp, SMS etc) or through word of mouth. When a reader clicks on the link and makes a purchase, the Super Affiliate the Affiliate Marketer both earn commission for setting up the website and posting the link respectively.

How much does the Super Affiliate earn for each sale?

As the owner of the website, for every sale made you are rewarded with 5% of the product price. So for example, if you find 50 people to help you post your product links on their Facebooks, and each is item is selling for $30, this will earn you $75.

Does it cost anything to setup?

There are no setup and administration fees or hidden costs. The only cost you need to worry about is the price of the website domain that you wish to use. Look up what domains are available at http://www.actnowdomain.net/

Be the boss of yourself!

So if you want to free yourself from financial constraints but not tied down with doing an extra shift at work, why not consider starting your website? We will help you setup the website and SuperAffiliates.net will handle the order processing and customer inquiries on your behalf. Be the boss of yourself from now on!